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Bladder control exercise

Bladder control loss is a problem that affects millions of men and woman around the world. In younger women pregnancy and childbirth can be the main causes of urine leakage. Drugs and surgery in some cases can be a solution, but there are also bladder control exercise that can help in keeping this problem at bay. If you practice this exercises religiously the leak could stop

There are many physiological and psychological factors due to which urine incontinence occurs. Kegel exercises can help in controlling this problem. Bladder control exercise doesn’t control the bladder but works out the pelvic muscles and strengthens them so that the bladder doesn’t put a load on the urethra. This is a fundamental therapy that helps controlling and sometimes stopping the leakage. Generally pregnant woman can undertake these exercises to strengthen pelvic muscles.

Obesity is also an issue that can cause urinary incontinence. Here too a bladder control exercise therapy can help in controlling the leak. People who are overweight have this problem due to the fat adding stress to the bladder and urethra. Menopause in women triggers a weak bladder and in some cases makes it leak. The body stops producing estrogen that helps in controlling the monthly periods and also keeps the urethra healthy. With the estrogen hormone missing during and after menopause the pelvic muscles weaken and can cause urinary incontinence. Stress incontinence is quite common among women. Pelvic floor exercise can help this problem. So how is this exercise performed?

Lie down on the floor and lift your legs straight at right angle. Pull in your pelvic muscles that are stomach muscles and release after a couple of minutes. Squeeze your pelvic muscles and exercise your hips. There are many layers of muscles that stretch between the legs. The entire area gets exercised and this helps as a bladder control exercise. The urethra, bladder, vagina, penis and other lower body parts are controlled by the pelvic muscles. These are the parts that are used to urinate. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles helps prevent leaking of urine from the bladder.

You can perform bladder control exercise three times a day. There are three positions in which these exercises can be performed. Sitting, standing and lying down on the floor. It doesn’t take much time. Only five to ten minutes of exercising your pelvic floor muscles can give you relief. It is better to perform bladder control exercise under the supervision of an expert. They will know exactly which muscles to exercise. You need to be patient as it takes at least a few weeks to see results. But don’t give up. Do the exercises regularly and you should get positive results.

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