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Bladder control loss

What is bladder control loss?

Though bladder is a small part of our body it plays a major role in removing urine from our body. Loss of bladder control occurs when a person is unable to wait to reach the toilet to pass urine.  This is also known as ‘urinary incontinence’ in medical language. Bladder control loss can embarrass anybody, man or women. The urine leaks at inappropriate times like, while sneezing, coughing or lifting anything heavy. In America there are more than 10 million people   suffering with urinary incontinence. Sometimes the Urinary Incontinence is mild and can be treated using medication and exercises, other times it can be severe and may require surgery. Generally loss of bladder control often occurs more in women than men due to various reasons.

Causes for bladder control loss

There are various reasons for bladder control loss.

  • Pregnancy in women can cause leakage of urine. As the uterus bulges with the growth of fetus it presses on the bladder making it leak.
  • Menopause is another stage in life for women when urinary incontinence occurs.
  • Urinary tract and vaginal infection- This is often the case for bladder control loss.
  • Stress and tension can also be a cause for urine leakage.
  • Many times constipation leads to excess urination and bladder control loss.
  • If your pelvic muscles are weak then that may cause leak of urine.
  • Tumor in the bladder or brain.
  • Skin rashes and infections
  • Sleep apnea 
  • Excess drinking of water for weight loss
  • Depression and low self esteem.
  • There are various neurological problems like Alzheimer’s that can cause urine leakage.
  • Multiple sclerosis, stroke and epilepsy are also some of the causes.
  • Diabetes and polyurea are reasons for men to leak often. 
  • Kidney malfunction is also a cause for bladder control loss.



  • Urinary incontinence is nothing to worry about and is easily treatable. Depending upon the reason the treatment varies. Many a times a slight correction in diet and water intake may help control bladder control loss. Often people drink a lot of water to lose weight. Though it helps in weight loss it leads to excess urination and incontinence. Hence it is advised to drink a maximum of eight glasses per day to avoid bladder control loss.
  • Kegel exercises are very popular for urinary incontinence. This makes the pelvic muscles stronger and controls bladder control loss.
  • There are drugs available for control of urine leak. This should be taken under a doctor’s advice. Do not try taking over the counter medication as it may lead to other issues.
  • Senior citizens with age loose control of bladder. Hence it is advised to wear adult diapers that can retain a lot of urine. This will help them not to run to a toilet frequently.
  • There are devices available in the market like patches, plugs and implants. These can help plug the urine leak.

Surgery- this is the last option if the condition is severe and drugs have not been of much use.

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