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Overactive Bladder and your Lovelife

Whether you are a man or a woman an overactive bladder it can ruin their love life. The urge to urinate frequently and rush to the toilet can put a spoke in your love life and make your partner frustrated. Imagine you’re in the midst of reaching an orgasm and you feel like urinating. Gosh! That is dreadful, isn’t it? That is the reason why an overactive bladder needs to be controlled enabling a person to lead an active love life. Often people are embarrassed to talk about it thinking that it is a sign of aging. Hence they don’t approach a medical specialist for treatment. But I would like to assure you that this can be treated and this is not a serious health hazard. First let us understand what an overactive bladder is:

As the bladder gets filled up with urine it contracts and involuntarily the urine leaks out. This is spontaneous and cannot be suppressed. This affects women more than men. Many a time’s an overactive bladder and your love life suffers due to this. The leak happens at the most inappropriate time making a person self conscious. Besides the physical discomfort a person can be mentally upset due to overactive bladder affecting their love life. It crushes a person’s self esteem, makes them lose confidence and depressed. There is a constant fear that it might occur anytime and this keeps the person on edge always.

Whether you’re attending a dinner or partying or at work or shopping at the Mall, an overactive bladder can certainly cause discomfort. First people need to understand that overactive bladder also known as urinary incontinence is not necessarily a sign of aging. It can be cured with proper exercise and dietary control. If the problem still persists then drugs can help to cure this. If this doesn’t help there is a simple procedure that can be done in only 15 minutes that can cure urinary incontinence once and for all and fix the overactive bladder and your love life.

Some of the reasons besides menopause that can cause overactive bladder are diabetes, urinary tract infection, stress and tension, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression and panic attacks to name a few. Spinal injury can also be a cause for urinary incontinence.

Kegel exercise helps in keeping the bladder from overflowing. This is an exercise where the pelvic muscles are worked out enabling them to keep the bladder from weakening. Menopause is the time in a woman’s life when estrogen levels in the body diminish putting an end to menstruation.  Till then estrogen kept the pelvic muscles firm enabling the bladder to have control over its outflow. Once estrogen is no longer present the pelvic muscles weaken making the bladder overactive. This often occurs in women over the age of forty five.

Pelvic floor exercises are also useful to keep overactive bladder under control. Certain dietary changes like avoiding spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol and smoking can help relieve urine leak. Avoid eating spicy foods and dairy products before making love. This can help prevent overactive bladder and help you to enjoy your love life.

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