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Overactive Bladder Causes

Be it man or woman whatever the age if there is urinary incontinence it does affect the psyche of the person. Even kids feel shy and embarrassed when they wet their pants. This is partly due to loss of bladder control. This happens in old people as well as children. Though this is not a disease, people often confuse it as signs of aging. This is not the case. Urinary incontinence is not a sign of aging. More than 11 million Americans suffer from overactive bladder above the age of 50 yrs. This maybe due to various reasons in both men and women. Some of the overactive bladder causes are listed below:

  • Pregnancy and childbirth- During pregnancy the fetus grows within the womb and occupies more space. Thus the uterus pushes the bladder thus causing frequent urination. 
  • Stress incontinence is another reason where urine leak takes place. When women are stressed and under tension due to various other reasons, it leads to overactive bladder that causes involuntary leakage.
  • Menopause- In women menopause is one of overactive bladder causes. The estrogen level in the body diminishes with menopause due to which the pelvic muscles that support the bladder get weak causing urine leak. This can be discomforting for women as they’re already upset that their productive years have come to an end.
  • Functional incontinence occurs both in men as well as women. Diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s leads to excess leakage of urine. This occurs continuously without any stop as the bladder loses control. It is advised to wear adult diapers to keep the urine soaked in and not leak out. The dribble can be terribly embarrassing for an individual.
  • Diabetes is one of the overactive bladder causes. The glucose level is high in the body that leads to visiting toilet often. This can be very painful especially in working men. This can happen at work place or while partying or making love. 
  • Spine surgery- This is another overactive bladder causes.
  • Urinary infection- An overactive bladder may be due to urinary infection also.
  • Nervous disability and stroke can also be overactive bladder causes.
  • Depression and bipolar disorder- Anti depressants cause side effects and this trigger the dribble of urine in depression patients. Many times these patients are unaware of urine outflow as they are in their own thoughts.
  • Bladder cancer or prostate cancer- The cancer cells multiply and form an area of abnormal cells. This is known as tumor. If the tumor is malignant and spreads through the bloodstream to other places then it is called cancer.
  • Drugs, caffeine and alcohol- These three can also be overactive bladder causes.  It is advised to avoid these three to lead a leak free life. Sometimes you cannot avoid taking drugs for other illnesses. In such cases it is better to exercise the pelvic muscles so that urinary incontinence can be controlled. Kegel exercises are very effective to stop overactive bladder. Also do change your dietary habits by avoiding spicy foods and citrus fruits. Dairy products are also one of the overactive bladder causes.
  • Obesity and overweight- This is also one of the causes for overactive bladder.

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