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Doctor Feinstein's 5 minute Test

Urinary Incontinence treatment success story

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This is a testimonial of Agnes Nutter one of many patients that underwent a procedure to cure urinary incontinence. In this video Agnes talks about her procedure and how it changed her life. Agnes is 85 years old and loves to travel.

Due to her Urinary Incontinence problem she had to carry an extra suitcase with incontinence diapers and other products, and was constantly worried and embarrassed.

Now after going through the 15 minute urinary incontinence procedure performed by Doctor Charles Feinstein she can travel worry free, in fact she already has a trip planned to Italy and France in the spring. Don’t let incontinence take over your life, call us to schedule a consultation today!

The Doctor Feinstein’s 5 minute test:

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This video features Doctor Charles Feinstein explaining his new 5-minute test to find out if the 15-minute bladder procedure for incontinence will work for the patient. Please print this form, and bring it with you to your visit with Doctor Feinstein.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call 847-291-9058. We look forward to meeting you and helping you resolve your incontinence problem in the simplest and safest way possible.

I hope you will find this five-minute evaluation of your problem helpful and interesting, and fun to fill out.

If you would like to learn more about possible surgical treatments, please see our videos below or on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL under Doctor Feinstein.

Remeex System or Adjustable Bladder Sling

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In this video, Doctor Charles Feinstein talks about the TRT female Remeex System or Adjustable Bladder Sling.

The TRT female Remeex system is a fully Readjustable Retropubic (TVT) treatment for stress urinary incontinence that is rapidly establishing itself as the gold standard treatment for patients with previous failed stress incontinence surgery. This most likely can result from incorrect treatment of intrinsic sphincter deficiency. The adjustable sling is a minimally invasive surgery that normally takes less than 45 minutes. The patient can leave the hospital, or in-office surgical facility in one or two hours after the procedure.

The Remeex System consists of a sling – a short polyethylene sling that is attached to two tension threads that are placed at the mid urethra or bladder neck. The sutures are attached to a tension-adjusting device, just above the pubic bone. (more…)

Welcome to Doctor Feinstein’s website!

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Urinary Incontinence affects millions of women around the world.  But now you don’t have to suffer in silence any more! There is a simple 15-minute procedure that can cure Urinary Incontinence once and for all. Doctor Charles Feinstein is a Urologist and Surgeon who specializes in the treatment of Urinary Incontinence, and he is well known throughout Chicagoland for the quality and style of his surgical procedures.  For more than 25 years, Doctor Feinstein has helped thousands of women.

Doctor Feinstein M.D. and Associates Office is a private, world-class, freestanding surgical facility located on the North Shore of beautiful Lake Michigan.  Doctor Feinstein also sees patients at his other office in Northbrook, Illinois.

The video on the right features Doctor Feinstein explaining the causes, symptoms and treatments for Urinary Incontinence.  This video is a great source of information for women.